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             Caring Canines Therapy Dog Evaluation Test  (abbreviated)



  • The dog accepts a friendly stranger and is willing to visit with all ages and genders, with or without hats, glasses, etc.


  • The dog sits politely for petting.


  • The dog accepts being handled from head to toe.


  • The dog accepts a restraining hug, rough petting, and a bump from behind.


  • The dog walks through a crowd of people and other dogs under control; moves with the handler; acknowledges surroundings but does not try actively to leave the handler.


  • The dog accepts meeting with another dog and handler.


  • The dog takes a treat with a soft mouth.


  • The dog will obey a “leave it” command from the handler when food and toys are placed on the floor.


  • The dog is tested for safe reactions around various pieces of medical equipment and unexpected noises.


After passing the test, the dog and handler must then pass 3-4 supervised visits at facilities the club frequents (supervised visits must be completed within 3 months of evaluation).  This means that they are accompanied by an evaluator to one or more of our approved facilities to observe how they do in an actual setting. If needed more supervised visits may be added. If the team passes all their supervised visits, they are then certified.


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