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Video Demonstrations of
Evaluation Exercises

If you are planning on testing to become a Caring Canines member, or are just interested in seeing if your dog would qualify, review each of the below video demonstrations (click on the corresponding button) and bond with your companion by practicing each technique.


1) Dog sits for petting by a friendly stranger.

2) Dog accepts being handled from head to toe.

3) Dog accepts restraining hug.

4) Dog accepts bump from behind.

5) Dog walks through a crowd under handler control.
Dog stays with handler and is comfortable with medical equipment.

6) Dog accepts meeting another dog and person with both dogs in heel (or controlled sit or down) position.

7) Dog takes treat with a soft mouth.
(Note: dog is not required to accept/eat treat)

8) Dog obeys "Leave it" command when walking by food or a toy placed on the floor.

9) Dog accepts, and doesn't react adversely to, yelling, staggering or sudden loud noise with reassurance of handler.

10) Movements were under control as handler and dog navigated through clients whether sitting, standing or moving.

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